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While we love taking photos, one of the things we have really started to not care for is culling through thousands of them just to find the ones we want to keep. In an average wedding, between the two of us, it is entirely possible that we will shoot 3,000+ photos. During our first year […]

How to Cull in Photo Mechanic in 10 Easy Steps

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In today’s post, we are going to give a quick overview and our opinion on the culling and basic editing software known as Photo Mechanic. For a more in depth look at how this software directly benefits our workflow, check out our article How to Cull in Photo Mechanic in 10 Easy Steps. Our quick […]

Micro Review: Photo Mechanic

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If You Could Photograph an Elopement Anywhere in the World, Where Would You pick? This is a question we see pop up very often on social media. Having joined many photography groups – both local ones and global ones – has stirred a lot of thoughts of places we want to travel to, places we […]

14 Stunning Elopement Locations Around the World

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Reviews of the latest cameras on the market are a dime-a-dozen, and finding detailed write ups about the Canon 5D Mark IV is no exception. We will spare all of the nitty gritty technical spec details, and instead jump right into the real significant part of our review… The truth of how the Canon 5D […]

Canon 5D Mark IV Review Through the Eyes of Two Wedding Photographers

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Anyone who knows us, knows that we are really big Game of Thrones fans. It is the only show we watch religiously, every week that it airs – mostly because we don’t want anything spoiled for us. We even nerded out pretty hard when we went to see the Game of Thrones Live Experience in […]

How Watching Game of Thrones Can Make You a Better Photographer

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As professional photographers who probably spend more time culling and editing photos than actually taking them, Loupedeck provides a valuable hardware tool that helps speed up the photo editing process. During our first year of operation as a photography business, one of the toughest things to accept was just how much time we would be […]

REVIEW: Loupedeck Photo Editing Console and Lightroom Keyboard

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