14 Stunning Elopement Locations Around the World

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If You Could Photograph an Elopement Anywhere in the World, Where Would You pick?

This is a question we see pop up very often on social media. Having joined many photography groups – both local ones and global ones – has stirred a lot of thoughts of places we want to travel to, places we want to photograph the environments of, and places we’d love to capture an elopement wedding at.

While we have dreams of being destination photographers and are working towards having this sort of opportunity, right now we are collecting a list of some of the places we’d love to visit and photograph. Below is our list of 10 stunning locations that have captured our attention.

This list is in no way comprehensive, and features a few stunning locations around the world as well as some places closer to home that we have already visited and love. There is a lot of beauty right out your backdoor as we know well in PA, and still a lot more to see around this lovely planet of ours.

Let us know where you’d like to visit and photograph in the comments at the end!

14 Elopement Wedding Locations Around the World (that are stunning, beautiful, magical…)

1). vestrahorn (Iceland)


Okay, we’re just going to get this one out of the way first. Our first European traveling adventure was to Iceland for 10 days in a campervan, where we spent our time photographing and visiting around the entire country. While there is still much new to see, we have been very nicely exposed to a lot of what Iceland has to offer, and it is absolutely stunning.

We can only imagine how breathtaking an elopement wedding would be in many of the environments there. Vestrahorn is the first locale that comes to mind, but a few more spots that standout to us that would make perfect settings include Berzerkjahraun Lava Field, Budir (The Black Church), and Dynjandi waterfall

As an added plus, you could also consider a Game of Thrones roleplay elopement here because of how many locations were used in the filming of the show. You know, if you feel like it 🙂

If you’re interested in more about our travels here, consider reading our Traveling Iceland article series.

2). Yosemite National Park (California, USA)

One of the most popular national parks in the world, and extremely popular destination for landscape and portrait photographers is Yosemite. Initially made very popular by the infamous photographer Ansel Adams, scenes of the Yosemite Valley continue to resonate with photographers and tourists alike looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in exchange for something more natural and freeing.

Almost every day we are exposed to beautiful images of this place, and continue to want to take our own photographs there. The rich colors and captivating vistas are hard to ignore.

3). Isle of Skye (Scotland)

Let’s face it, the Isle of Skye on name alone sounds like an epic, romantic paradise. While there has been a surge in popularity among photographers at this scenic UK location, it’s easy to understand why. The lush greenery of Scotland, jagged mountain peaks, and sprawling vistas make the Isle of Skye an ideal elopement location. It’s easy to imagine Golden Hour sunset portraits turning out just beautifully!

4). Banff National Park (Canada)

Oh, Canada! The turquoise waters of Lake Louise in Banff National Park is enough to lure unsuspecting photographers into heaven. When looking for natural elopement venues, when nature provides such rich colors in addition to stunning mountain and forest backdrops, it’s hard to ignore. In the right light, any photography shoot here would capture the magnificence of nature, and the power of a couples love as they fall deeper into each others arms in the fresh mountain air.

5). Santorini (Greece)

One of the most romantic looking places in the world is Santorini. The color palette of this island is intoxicating, taking the idea of a painterly photograph location quite literally. Though man-made structures abound, they compliment nature instead of feeling imposed on the landscape as we so often see in major metro areas around us (think: New York City or Philadelphia for comparison). In summer months, the warm air, blue skies, crashing waves, and the idea of a candlelight elopement wedding on a whitewashed rooftop just sounds intoxicating to us. Add some instrumental songs from Yanni playing in the background, and we’ll fall even harder for this location! 🙂

6). Death Valley National Park (California, USA)

While your average person might be attracted to this desert paradise for it’s views and sand dunes, we are especially attracted to it’s connection to the original Star Wars films. Any fans of the films looking to get married on the Mesquite Flats sand dunes? If so, sign us up!

7). White Sands National Monument (New Mexico, USA)

While we wouldn’t complain with a trip to some white sand beaches in the Bahamas, White Sands National Monument features actual snow-white sand dunes. Surrounded by mountains in the backdrop, the prospect of using White Sands National Monument as a canvas on which you can construct the perfect elopement wedding setting is easy to see.

8). Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii, USA)

Who doesn’t like the idea of a trip to Hawaii? While many people associate this small island state with destination weddings on sandy beaches connected to a resort hotel, our idea of a perfect elopement spot might surprise you! When Chris was younger, he had the chance to go to Hawaii’s Big Island, and remains absolutely captivated by volcanoes and their intense power. No doubt, there is something romantic about the organic lava formations shape the landscape, and continue to expand the island every year as new lava flows reach the sea. Picturing a white dress against the dark dried lava flows and other vistas suits a wedding there well!


9). Saguaro National Park (Arizona, USA)

If an elopement in the desert of Arizona is your jam, we’d have to say that Saguaro might just be one of the underrated gems of Tucson. We had a chance to explore and capture some photographs while visiting family not far from here, and were blown away. No doubt, the unique desert landscape is not something we are used to – coming from the East Coast of the US – but what really enhanced the views for us was the looming weather that started to blow in, eventually turning into a really rough rain storm that we fortunately were able to escape in the nick of time.

10). Whiteface Mountain (New York, USA)

Stunning views reminiscent of the Colorado Rockies, but not so far from home? Count me in! We love a good road trip upstate New York, and Whiteface Mountain sticks out in our minds as a really memorable location. The views from all around the Adirondacks are intoxicating, but at the peak of Whiteface Mountain you can really get a taste for the valley with rolling hills, plentiful forests, and lakes for miles and miles.

11). Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)

Few things are more romantic than standing on the edge of the world. The vistas of Ireland’s famous Cliffs of Moher are just one in a list of Ireland destination wedding locations that we love seeing images from. The jagged peaks, crashing ocean waves, and rolling green hills add a serious level of drama to any photography session here. For an elopement wedding, we cannot imagine something much more dramatic of a difference than what we are normally used to at home.


12). Torey Pines National Park (California, USA)

One of our favorite locations in California, Torey Pines National Park has a lot to see and do, though you might be too distracted just lounging around on the beautiful Pacific ocean beach front. While visiting family in San Diego, we happened across Torey Pines a few times, and walked through the national parks unique hiking trails. The overlook of the Pacific ocean is breathtaking, and winding paths make for a lot of unique scenery and leading lines to help making the photography all the easier and more beautiful.

13). Gardens by the Bay (Singapore)

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a hugely beautiful man-made destination. While we’ve seen pictures of it’s Avatar-esque views countless times, it only recently came back into our consciousness after seeing it on full display in Planet Earth II. It’s easy to imagine a beautiful elopement under the artwork that blurs the line between the natural and the man-made. We’d be sure to bring some ultra wide angle lenses to capture the full landscape, for sure! 🙂

14). Watkins Glen (New York, USA)

Lastly, we are going to leave off with one of our favorites. Only a 3 hour drive from us, Watkins Glen is a really unique destination in upstate New York. We were initially attracted to it for the waterfalls and natural architecture that weaves in-and-out of the valley. In many ways, it reminds us of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. Sure, we might be a little nerdy, but this lure is just the sort of thing that might inspire someone to want to elope here!

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