5 Beautiful Pennsylvania Waterfall Engagement Photo Locations

Okay...we'll be the first to admit it, we're pretty much in love with waterfalls and all things nature. Our obsession with waterfalls was one of the many things that led us to take a trip to Iceland, where there are so many it's hard to keep track. Since coming back to Pennsylvania, we've made it our mission to seek out exciting waterfalls and especially love them as photo backdrops for engagement pics. There's something about the natural beauty of the falls that make them so memorable.

In this post, you'll find our top 5 Pennsylvania waterfall engagement photo locations. These are primarily based in Northeast PA for reference and are what we'd consider the best falls in the area. 

Hickory Run State Park - Hawk FallS

Easily the most popular waterfall in Pennsylvania that you'll find on our list is Hawk Falls. We've shot here easily 20 times for both sessions and small elopements, and we love it every time. A couple things that makes this fall really special is that there are different areas to view it from, which allows us to capture different perspectives. The actual hiking trail going here is relatively short and easy too - about a half mile. Along the way, there's also great little spots to stop off for other photos too. It's really a perfect location!

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Hickory Run State Park - Shades of Death Trail

About 15 minutes from Hawk Falls is another hiking trail in Hickory Run State Park called "Shades of Death". This one is typically a little quieter, but has some great hidden gems on and off the trail. The main waterfall you'll see is the result of a man-made dam - it's a cool spot for sure. Our favorites, though, are hidden a little deeper into the woods. During the warmer months, they're especially great because you can easily get into the water (like seen in the photo above!), which makes for some really amazing and romantic engagement photos.

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Hickory Run State Park - Chapel Falls

One of the landmark locations at Hickory Run is the large white chapel. Sometimes it hosts smaller weddings and events. Right along this is a little creek that flows into a couple waterfalls. It's a really easy to access location that we think looks super cut in photos. At times, it feels like it was plucked right out of the PNW. We sometimes will go to this spot after shooting over on the Shades of Death trail since it's so close and easy to get too!

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Ricketts Glen State Park - Falls Trail

A little more West in Pennsylvania is another great park - Ricketts Glen. If you're a waterfall enthusiast, this is really one of the best places to go for hiking and waterfalls. The main trail (aptly named the "falls trail") is something like a 7 mile loop where you'll get to see over 20+ waterfalls. If you don't feel like hiking that much, the good news is it's easy to turn this into a much shorter and easy to manage trip if you just want to have engagement photos with a few of the falls. 

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Slateford Falls

The most hidden gem of a waterfall goes to Slateford Falls in the Delaware Water Gap. This is actually one of our favorite more recent discoveries, we've since gone here a handful of times. There are actually 3 main waterfalls - all unique in their own ways. The fall seen in the picture above is super easy to access (right off the parking area), while the other 2 falls do require a little more hiking (great for more adventurous couples!). During the summer, you can even get in the water if you want :)

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As you can see, there are a ton of amazing locations for engagement photos in the Poconos. This area will no doubt attract outdoor enthusiasts the most, and it's honestly one of our favorite things to love about the area anyways. An abundance of wooded areas, waterfalls, lakes, mountain views...they're all so great and we are pretty much obsessed with them as photo backdrops. We think you will be, too! :)

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