Cute Engagement Photos at Hawk Falls / Hickory Run Park


We just went and counted…in 2020 we photographed over 15 elopements and sessions at Hawk Falls. As the year went on, we started to call it our “2nd office”. It’s a place we know like the back of our hand at this point, but also a place we continue to find beautiful and really quite ideal for photos for adventurous sessions that also aren’t too strenuous.

While reflecting on this, it got us thinking about how even beautiful places like this just provide a backdrop for what’s really important – our couples and the ways they choose to be with each other. Every couple brings a different look and style to their photo shoots, and even more special, their personalities which range from more silly to more serious (most of the time…something in between!).

Gabby & Troy reminded of this heavily as they brought their soft spoken and kind spirited personalities into a place like this. From whispering funny little things to each other to more intimate moments shared together in front of the waterfall, it really was a joy to get to document these two. Now, just a few short months away we’ll be seeing them again for their wedding in Easton, PA! Can’t wait!!

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