Hamilton Farm Golf Club Wedding // Gladstone, NJ


One of the most memorable weddings to date has to be Shannon & Adam’s at the stunning Hamilton Farm Golf Club in New Jersey. This is one of the best wedding venues in NJ in our experience as it’s run really well, has excellent options for photos (even the prep rooms are seriously gorgeous!), and gives people the right amount of space for a great time.

One of our favorite things to document as wedding photographers is two people vastly in love bringing together their families and friends to a beautiful day and a really good time. These two shared a lot of similarities with us as we got to know each other through chatting together and capturing their engagement photos in Red Bank and Sandy Hook Beach – their long term relationship with each other (we’ve been together ourselves since we were 15 years old!!) and fun loving but extremely kind spirits. Seriously, weddings like these are so instantly memorable for everyone observing it, and it just adds to the fun of our job as photographers to get to capture all of these vivid emotions throughout the day.

We’ll have to warn you, it was really hard to curate a blog post down with the amount of images we have to share. Looking through these photos will make you feel like you are there!

Wedding Vendors:

Bride – Getting Ready

Groom – Getting Ready

First Look & Portraits


Sunset Portraits

Cocktail Hour


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