Red Bank, NJ Engagement Photography | Shannon + Adam


Shannon and Adam are a hilarious and awesome couple after our own hearts. Their old stomping ground is in Red Bank, NJ – and it’s the place where they got engaged. We love engagement sessions when they are filled with so much fun, as well as the sentiment of being a place close to our couples hearts.

Funny enough, Red Bank has been on our list of places to visit because we’re nerds – you know, Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is there (we walked right by). In times like these, it was funny to see in a big sign out front that said “I assure you, we’re still open!” 🙂

Back to these two…we began at Riverside Garden Park, a little spot overlooking with bay. As we worked our way to a street with restaurants, they just couldn’t resist sharing an ice cream cone (though, in all fairness, Adam seemed to get more out of that arrangement!).

This is just the beginning of their amazing session. Check out Part 2 when we took a quick drive over to the beach for sunset!

Red bank New Jersey harbor with couple kissing
Girl laughing with man while sitting on ground
Man and woman laughing
Man kissing woman on the cheek in front of a mural in Red Bank, New Jersey
Riverside Gardens Park mural in Red Bank, New Jersey
Man and woman walking on main street in Red Bank, NJ
Man and woman sitting on bench in front of Castello store in Red Bank, NJ
Man and woman walking in front of Starbucks in Red Bank, NJ
Candid street photo in front of Coney Waffles Ice Cream in Red Bank, NJ
Man and woman laughing while sharing an ice cream cone
Woman in yellow dress standing in front of a alleyway mural in Red Bank, NJ
Man and woman walking in front of a mural in Red Bank, NJ

August 1, 2020

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