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If you are looking to turn up your photography game by honing in on the small details in a scene, the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens is an essential in your gear bag. Usually we avoid making such a bold statement at the beginning of a product review. This tends to be […]

Photographing weddings can be a lot of fun, and come with it’s fair share of challenges, too. Bringing along the right gear for the job is one way to make sure that you will be able to get all the shots you want (and need), and more importantly, get the ones the couple you are […]

Probably the least interesting part of running a wedding photography business is trying to wrap our heads around all the tax stuff. As a small business setup as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), there is a world of tax law and requirements that we were never used to in our normal life pre-business, because our […]

One of the things we have put considerable thought into — and a topic in which there is considerable advice available that can be found both online and offline — is pricing your wedding photography business collection packages. Indeed, this is one of the most common questions that we see in various online forums we […]

For today’s post, we’re going to discuss a fairly simple aspect of photography – aperture – and how you can help define the look and feel of your images by successfully using it to get the photos you want. For all intents and purposes, in most ways this is really a photography 101 topic that […]

The best Canon 135mm camera in photography is, quite simply, the Canon 135mm f/2 Camera Lens. This prime lens offers very high quality images when paired with a pro camera body (such as the Canon 5D Mark IV). Not to mention, considering it is a prime lens that suits a very specific type of photographer […]

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"Five stars aren't enough. From the first minutes of our intro call to our wedding day send-off, Jes and Chris somehow exceeded our high hopes and then some. They are gifted, meticulous, kind, calm, and contagiously positive. You can't help but feel at ease around them, and you can feel confident in their steady support. Jes and Chris are experts not only in photography but in wedding day planning and execution. Know nothing about planning a wedding and need an entire day-of timeline? You got it. Need your veil pinned into your hair? Give Jes 30 seconds. Feeling nervous and need a pep talk? They got you. As for the photos themselves...our wedding sneak peek gallery left us with our jaws on the ground.”

"Best photography experience, we plan to use them for years to come."

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