Venue Spotlight: Riverview Country Club in Easton, PA

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Riverview Country Club is one of our favorite wedding venues in Easton, PA.

We are a little biased because it is literally right down the road from where we live, but we’ve photographed a few weddings there already and have been consistently impressed.

We wanted to take some time to highlight Riverview Country Club and talk about why it’s such a great wedding venue here in the Lehigh Valley.

You will find our thoughts really helpful if you’re thinking about having a wedding there yourself, and all the wedding photos featured here were taken by us for good measure!

Main Attractions

Riverview Country Club is a golf club wedding venue – so the actual ceremony site & reception hall is located in the midst of the 18 hole golf course.

For couple’s who already appreciate the sport and culture of golf – it’s an easy fit. For those who might not be all that big of fans of golf, though, this place still has some great things to offer.

Funny enough – neither of us are all that into golf, and on the surface we’ve once had the idea that “golf club weddings” can be a little boring and even a little snobby. We’ve been regularly surprised at Riverview (and a few other golf course venues in the area) that they’ve actually turned out to be places that make getting married convenient for family, well prepared with great staff & food, and even locations to take pictures different than on the green.

At Riverview Country Club, the key attractions of the property you’ll get to see if you check them out and have your wedding there is the naturally lit reception hall area with a fireplace, stone accents, and plenty of room for even large parties; the scenic wooden bridge and pond (with fountain!) that serves as a great walkway to the ceremony site along the woods.

There are also some sweet spots tucked away on the property that make for great bride & groom photos we’ll cover shortly!

Why It’s Great for Weddings

So – if you’re liking the style of Riverview Country Club and think the space would suit your vision for a wedding, then you’ll find this section really helpful. Like we mentioned in our intro, we’ve experienced a few weddings here as photographers, but have always taken notice to how the day flows, if people are really enjoying their time, and so on. We’re going to cover all that right now.

Good vibes

First up – the atmosphere at this wedding venue is great. It’s quite laid back, honestly, and if you looked at photos from past wedding receptions in the pretty rustic but modern reception space – you probably wouldn’t even realize the event was being held on a golf course!

The reason we point this out is because that just goes to show how this can be a great venue choice even if you aren’t a big fan of the average golf course vibe!

Great staff

Next – we’d say an important part of your wedding day is the staff.

We’ve honestly been to venues where things were coordinated very poorly, food was consistently late, etc. – and we hate having to see these types of things because it impacts our couple’s – the people we want to be there for on one of the biggest days of their lives to capture the happy time they share together and with their families and friends.

At Riverview Country Club, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences with all the staff – from Morgan (the event coordinator) all the way down to Easton’s mayor Sal Panto who we’ve seen tending bar more than once. They have all been consistently friendly, easy to work with, and they really do go above-and-beyond for the people they are serving.

Outdoor space for ceremony & mingling

We really love wedding venues that let everyone take advantage of the natural light when at all possible. The ceremony site is convenient, easy to get to (and for the older folks – they have golf carts that can shuttle people there), and translates well into photos.

Around the reception hall is plenty of space for guests to mingle during cocktail hour and the reception as well.

We always love the mix of indoor/outdoor spaces during receptions because it can allow people to cool off later in the evening, light up some cigars, and honestly just take a little breather from all the crazy dancing with the sounds of the water fountain right there. As a plus – they also put on a little light show when it gets dark, it’s a cool little feature that is a little underappreciated.

A good looking rainy weather alternative

One of the mistakes we’ve seen people make in the past is booking a venue with a really gorgeous outdoor ceremony location, but not liking the alternative spots if it happens to rain.

While most couple’s wouldn’t dream of rain on their wedding day, it does happen from time to time. So having a good alternative option you’d still be happy with is important.

Ceremonies can be held inside the reception hall space in the event of rain – and this is actually really nice. The space is lit all around by natural light that pours in from outside. Having views of outside the window or in front of the stone fireplace still looks great.

Great spots for wedding photos

As wedding photographers here in the Lehigh Valley, we can’t help but always think about how things look in pictures.

The main areas for the ceremony & reception are great for this on their own, but when it comes to couple’s portraits – we have free range to use a golf cart and take you around the property. Yes – they give us the keys to drive to the spots we’ve come to know and love.

If you want photos with the actual golf course in the background, that’s easy enough to find. But, if you want to have photos with less golf course and more natural vibes, we have you covered. Spots of trees, tall grass, etc. have already turned out to make for some of our favorite wedding photos from Riverview Country Club.

If you’d like to see more photos from weddings at Riverview Country Club, you can check out the galleries below we have up on our website:

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