Venue Spotlight: Fiddle Lake Farm in Thompson, PA

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Fiddle Lake Farm, located in Thompson, PA, is an idealic rustic barn wedding venue. It is one of our favorite wedding venues of this type, and it all comes down to all the little elements that combine to make an extremely charming and relaxing space to tie the knot.

Why It’s Great for Weddings

Fiddle Lake Farm really begins with it’s lodging options. Featuring the Farmhouse B&B (contains 3 guest rooms) and the 1920’s Craftsman’s Cottage (has 4 bedrooms), it’s a great space for extended weddings, as well as bride & groom prep the morning of the wedding. These spaces are really great and filled with little decor items that give it a lived in history, and add an accent to every photo captured in them. It’s hard to ignore – they also have abundant natural light, which is perfect for hair and makeup stylings before the wedding too!

From there – the wedding ceremony can be held at the Mountain View or Enchanted Forest areas on the property. The first of these is an open on the farm (right next to the reception area), while the second is located in the woods.

Of course, the barn itself is really awesome. When seasonally appropriate, the outdoor part of the space (which is covered and can be fully enclosed) is really incredible for cocktail hour and dancing throughout the evening. Inside, you will be treated to a lot of great details that make this barn venue unique – old canoes in the rafters, antique tables, chairs and other vintage decor, a root beer float stand (what!?!). There is also a saloon bar & lounge area on the outside patio of the barn – ideal for grabbing some drinks and lighting up cigars as the night comes towards a close.

If this sounds like the type of atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding day, then be sure to check out Fiddle Lake Farm!

To learn more, check out Fiddle Lake Farm’s website here.

Wedding Photos from Fiddle Lake Farm:

Below are sample photos we captured for a couple at Fiddle Lake Farm. To see a full gallery of photos, just click the link below!



















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