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Every small photography business needs a plan for success. In 99.99% of photography startups, success or failure hinges on your ability to realistically plan ahead. Unless you have a Scrooge McDuck level of money hidden away somewhere, every decision you make – especially those that are financial – have the potential to bring you more […]

How to Make a Simple Business Plan for Your Photography Start Up Business

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Probably the least interesting part of running a wedding photography business is trying to wrap our heads around all the tax stuff. As a small business setup as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), there is a world of tax law and requirements that we were never used to in our normal life pre-business, because our […]

The 10 Common Tax Mistakes Made by Wedding Photographers

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Starting a wedding photography business is a challenge to do right. Let’s face it – if you do a quick search for wedding photographers, you are going to find a lot of results. After literally typing “wedding photographer” into Google, we get back almost 10 million results. When recently browsing through some recent  likes on […]

10 Common Questions About Starting a Wedding Photography Business Answered

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