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One of the hidden gems in the Nazareth area is Ballas Park. At first glance, it’s really just a simple field with a walking path, but to photographers it’s the perfect backdrop for family and couples photos. That’s especially true during the summer when the wildflowers are out in full bloom. For these two, we […]

Maternity Photos in Nazareth, PA // Ballas Park


These two… My goodness where to even begin?! When 9th grade crushes get engaged, can it get any sweeter than that? Tory and Caleb deserve each other more than words can ever describe. We’re not being biased just because we’ve know them for quite a while either, they truly are each others other half.  We […]

Tory + Caleb | Golden Hour Summer Engagement Session | Nazareth, PA | Lehigh Valley Engagement Photographers