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As an adventure photographer, traveling to Iceland is like a dream come true. The gear you bring along can make or break your trip, as with too much you will end up just weighing yourself down, and with too little (or the wrong equipment), you will find yourself a bit upset for missing out on […]

What Photography Gear Should I Bring to Iceland?

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It was not easy, but we managed to look through all of our images from our travels in Iceland and compile them into one single best of post. They are in no particular order, but these are the images we look on now and feel really encapsulate our 10 day adventure in this beautiful country. […]

Best of Iceland Travel Photography 2017


From the very start of our Iceland adventure planning process, we decided it would be best to add a touch of relaxation to our vacation – something essential for us as we work hard all year with few breaks. Our trip to Iceland was actually are first time off from work since our trip to […]

Traveling Iceland – Day 9 – DC3 Plane Wreck and The Blue Lagoon


Using Hamrar Campsite in Akureyri as a base worked out quite well, as there are quite a few great locations to visit not too far away. We got our first taste of the spa treatment, and this sort of marked our first “easy” day of the trip. DIMMUBORGIR – LAVA FIELD We had seen some […]

Traveling Iceland – Day 5 – Dimmuborgir, Hverir, and Myvatyn Natural Baths