Crystal Plaza Wedding Photos // Livingston, NJ


Jen and Neepak had a phenomenal and jam packed wedding day at Crystal Plaza. To say there was a lot going on would be an understatement, but what resonated with us so much is how meaningful it all was – from a wide range of religious and cultural traditions, several outfit changes, a fusion of Indian/Chinese/Western influence, tears of joy and big grins of happiness…it’s hard to describe it all concisely.

This was a day they dreamed of for years, having initially booked us for a 2020 date, only having to shift to 2021 due to the pandemic. In that time, we shared some great laughs and got to capture these two together for both their unique engagement photos, as well as a couple’s shoot to remember 2020 in a better light. When their wedding day came along, it was like reuniting with old friends, and we were so excited to see them get married in this completely special way – and document everything along the way.

As wedding photographers, these are the types of couples and days we live for, where we can submerge ourselves in a constant stream of candid shots of things unfolding naturally. It’s captivating and interesting. As this was our first Indian/Chinese wedding, we spent a good deal of time doing research into all of the traditions, as well as talking it over with these two to learn more. The result is nothing less than some of our favorite photos in our wedding career as you can just feel the positive vibes, overwhelming emotions, and vibrant colors pop of the screen when looking through their gallery.

We hope you enjoy checking out photos from their wedding day at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey – and in some sections reading a little more about what went into the part of the day to make these memories even more special.

Wedding Vendors:

Bride Getting Ready

Groom Getting Ready

First Look & Portraits

Bridal Party Portraits

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The Chinese Tea Ceremony is an important part of Chinese weddings and sees the bride & groom serve tea to their elders (such as parents, in laws, etc.). To learn more about the tea ceremony and it’s meaning, we suggest reading this post.

The Baraat

The baraat is a ceremonial wedding processional of the groom on a horse to the site of their wedding ceremony. It features a very celebratory atmosphere – with live music, dancing, and other little traditions built in. It is easily one of the more memorable parts of an Indian wedding day. You can learn more about the baraat here.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Family Photos in Indian Attire

Cocktail Hour

Western Ceremony

Family Photos in Western Attire

Bride & Groom Portraits

Start of Reception

Sunset Portraits

End of Reception

Night Portraits

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