Kennett Square, PA Couples Photography | Jen + Neepak


Jen + Neepak faced the hard decision of postponing their Chinese/Indian fusion wedding to 2021, and instead opted to have a little couple’s session because if ever there was a time to take a step back and enjoy your partner’s company, now is the time!

Just a few months ago, we captured their amazing engagement photos at a lantern festival we got special VIP access to (we felt so famous for a hot minute when that email came in unexpectedly!). While we look forward to their wedding, we’re happy to have had the chance to reunite and capture some stunning photos at this special location we found (as well as Forbidden Drive in Philly – but this post would be way too long if we included all of those, too!).

These two bring a great sense of style and wonderful personalities along with many great ideas that we get to help realize in photos. We love being able to have this collaborative process with our couples where we have plenty of ideas ourselves, but can add so much more that resonates personally for them. Oh – and there is nothing better than everyone carting blankets, pillows, picnic supplies, rose pedals and more to the perfect spot – but it worked out beautifully. And wow, that light!

Man holding a woman's hand and leading her through a field with a tree in the background
Man holding a woman with a hat
Close up of a hat, picnic basket, blankets, flower bouquet
Woman feeding a man grapes
Man feeding a woman grapes
Couple holding hands
Portrait of a woman sitting comfortably on a collection of blankets and pillows in a grassy field
Man and woman walking through a field at sunset
Man and woman running through a field at sunset
Woman and man dancing in a field at sunset

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