Angie | Winter Portraits in the Snow | Merrill Creek Reservoir


This is going to be a pretty short post compared to most of our blog stories, but we couldn’t help but share something new with you.

What do you get when you mix snow, freezing cold, and an impromptu photo shoot with your sister who wants to learn how to take pictures? You get some seriously stunning portraits.

This is Chris’ sister Angelica (or Angie for short ). We are always in for a good time, and she sometimes kicks our butts to get us out of the house in the middle of winter – even though we like to take this time to slow down and chill with our two cats and watch a good movie (or two) since we are constantly on the road and shooting weddings and other sessions through most of the year (no complaints – of course!).

While she is beautiful on her own – we really loved the vibrant red coat she was wearing. It serves as a really stark and dramatic contrast from the white snow and woodsy vibes otherwise going on around us.

Want more of Angie? We took photos of her 2 years ago at Columcille Megalith Park in one of the earliest posts we put up on our blog. You can also find her on Instagram @poetrybyaj – give her a follow if you like reading cool poems & seeing occasional pictures she takes, and maybe ask her what it’s like having such a cool brother & sister-in-law. We dare you to see what the response will be!








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