Wedding day questionnaire

If you are reading this, it can only mean one thing – your wedding day is SO CLOSE! Please help us out by filling in as much of this as you possibly can. All of the information you can provide here will make it easier for us to put together the perfect timeline for your wedding day!

Thank you!

Brides Name *
Brides Name
Brides Phone Number: *
Brides Phone Number:
Grooms Name *
Grooms Name
Grooms Phone Number: *
Grooms Phone Number:
So we know where to send your USB!
Do you plan on doing a first look?
If yes, this will give you and your partner free time during cocktail hours since the photos of the two of you will be taken before the ceremony!
Is your ceremony indoors or outdoors?
Is your reception indoors or outdoors?
What is the dress code for your wedidng day?
Either in the space provided below, or in a separate email, please specify rough a time frame of these events happening during the reception!
Do you mind me posting sneak peeks on facebook & instagram within a few days after the wedding?
How do you feel about your wedding day photographs being published in magazines or online on wedding blogs and websites?
Reception events include:
Would you and your fiance like to have the formal family portraits taken at the altar or at a different location?
Either in the space provided below, or in a separate email, can you please send me the list of names of family members and their groupings that you would like to be included in family photos? That way, on the day of, you don't need to think about anything! I will bring that list with me and call out the names that I need, making it stress free and as quick as possible!
Please include all participating vendors for the day (Hair & Make-up, Cake, Florals, venue, Videographer, Catering, DJ/Band, etc.), their e-mail and a website/some form of social media for each, if possible! This is so I can give them credit in the photos/blog post that I share online!