Vik Campground – Review – Iceland Vacation



As we came close to ending our Ring Road trip, we found ourselves in Southern Iceland in the little village of Vik. We were extremely excited about this area of our trip, because there is so much to see and do within the vicinity. We ended our day early and settled into Vik Camping campground, which is right inside of the village.

Our first impressions were quite positive. The location was pretty nice, tucked right behind an Icelandair hotel – which admittedly as we drove by we felt a bit jealous of the guests staying there 🙂 We checked in, and the employee working was very pleasant and soft spoken, leaving an immediate positive impression. From there, we simply pulled our camper into a spot, and began our relaxing evening.

There are two main drawbacks to Vik Camping.

The first was a notable issue with serious ruts in the ground all over the campground, which were not visible upon pulling into the camp site. We were able to find a spot to park without this problem, but as the campground began to fill up, there were no doubt some people forced to park in these ruts. My concern was getting the car stuck in these – of course this would probably not be an issue for larger 4×4 vehicles, but ours could have potentially had a real issue here.

The second was simply the lack of space for the quantity of people staying in the area. In early September, there were quite a few campers dropping in, and the space is rather tight compared to most of the other campgrounds we visited. It is a growing issue in Iceland as tourism continues to boom – there is a real need for campgrounds to be able to accommodate the growing crowds.

With these said, Vik Camping is not bad for what it’s worth. By this part in our trip, we really accepted that you can’t go living in a campervan and expect high end luxury (not that we expected this anyways!).

The campground worked for our needs – spending the night safely, respecting the environment and laws in Iceland (you know – to use campgrounds instead of just sleeping on the side of the road), and giving us some space to prepare meals. The facilities were actually quite nice as well, with good restrooms and shower options. We did not use the showers here, so can’t judge the quality, but it is an added fee in addition to the relatively standard ~3,000 ISK ($30 USD or so for both of us).

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