Venue Spotlight: The Ice House in Bethlehem, PA

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The Charles A. Brown Ice House (or just “The Ice House”) is a really unique and artistic space to hold a wedding celebration in the Lehigh Valley. Located in the heart of Bethlehem, PA – this is a place that has been regularly used for local art, theatre, and music productions, as well as hosting plenty of private parties and even events like the Punk Rock Flea Market.

In this post, we wanted to take some time to talk about why The Ice House is such a great space for weddings to be held. As wedding photographers, we’ve had the opportunity to see this place from a different perspective than what you’d normally see, and wanted to share this with you!

Why It’s So Great for Weddings!

The Ice House is one of the ultimate DIY wedding venues in the Lehigh Valley.

It really is the type of place that will attract artistically inclined couples to love it, who can bring their own additions to really make it their own.

On the surface, when you first walk in the door, you’re greeted with an instant feeling of history. Images of the Ice House and Bethlehem, PA throughout the years give an immediate sense of nostalgia. Even if it’s your first time inside, it won’t feel like it for long.

The main attraction is the open, wood-lined reception space and loft (with theater stage) above. Strings lights run throughout the place, adding some serious charm and romantic moodiness that translates so well both to the naked eye and in photographs.

The 4 major things we have really loved about weddings at The Ice House:

Couples are in control – they can bring their own artistic vision (or hire other wedding vendors to help with this). Even if you don’t want to go crazy with adding décor of your own, the place does look great on it’s own.

The location is really perfect – situated right on Sand Island in Bethlehem, it’s a really great spot because there are also a lot of great locations in walking distance for portraits. It’s also just a quick hop to Main Street if you want to incorporate more of the city.

It’s a really unique venue that can still be loved by parents and grandparents The Ice House has a different vibe than the average wedding ballroom or golf club wedding that are so common, but it’s an atmosphere that is perfect for this type of celebration. Seeing as couple’s parents are up on the dance floor and having a good time is enough to sell us on the place.

It’s distinctly a “Bethlehem PA wedding venue” – We’ve found that people who get married in Bethlehem tend to really love the city. The Ice House has a rich history in the city, and the industrial look of the place really compliments what the city has been known for throughout the years.

If you are considering getting married in Bethlehem, PA – the Ice House is a great location to throw a party.

To learn more about The Ice House, check out their website here.

Check out our The Ice House wedding photos below to get an idea of what this place looks like:

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You can also see the Ice House on full display in these full photo galleries:

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