Venue Spotlight: Gilbertsville Farmhouse in South New Berlin, NY

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Gilbertsville Farmhouse is more than just a wedding venue.

Tucked away amongst farm lands in upstate New York (South New Berlin to be specific), it’s the kind of place that is a dream getaway for couples who want more than just a traditional wedding environment.

We first discovered Gilbertsville by chance as we were looking for a place to take boudoir photos for a client in a natural space that was still able to offer some privacy. We ended up using some of their seriously amazing “glamping” tents for these – and they turned out amazing! After this shoot, we got to know the owners, staff, and friendly Great Pyronese dogs (Maggie + Duke) that keep a watchful eye over the place, and have returned on multiple occasions for styled shoots, bridal shows, and to even document weddings for amazing couples like this one.

Our personal and professional experiences at Gilbertsville Farmhouse have been nothing but positive. We’ve been able to see as this wedding venue grew from small beginnings to being in high demand for unique wedding experiences. Their property has constantly evolved to better suit the couples getting married there, as well as their families & friends who come to enjoy the festivities. Most recently, they built an incredible addition of a bridal suite that allows for couple’s to now get fully prepared for their wedding on site – an amazing perk!

Why It’s Great for Weddings

For couple’s in love with the modern rustic vibes that come from having an event hosted at a place that mixes really natural elements in the outdoor spaces with the barn wedding aesthetic, Gilbertsville Farmhouse will be the perfect match.

The experience of getting married here is more than just meeting at a space to say “I do”, then have a party afterwards. It offers a multi-day event where you, your family & friends can stay on the grounds and take advantage of the R&R that comes with the glamping tents, hammocks, goat yoga, and other activities on the property. In some ways, it feels like camping made easy, with the bonus of being the place where you will really remember exchanging your vows together.

Going beyond the property and the amenities, it’s the staff that really brings everything together. Not all wedding venues are made the same in this area, but we’ve been impressed with how proactive everyone at Gilbertsville has been to keep things flowing smoothly and making sure everyone is 100% happy through the course of the wedding day. We’ve literally watched as the owners have driven couples and their family members all over the property – to get to the ceremony site, to get back to the reception space, to get to far off areas for portraits, and so on. This is one of the things many people planning a wedding tend to gloss over – but having the right “team” there for you will ensure you have a good time no matter what you’re wedding venue is.

Having the mix of a great team & an amazing space just seals the deal for us that this is a perfect venue for having a wedding.

To learn more about having a wedding at Gilbertsville Farmhouse, click here to see their website.

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