Venue Spotlight: Barn Swallow Farm in Northampton, PA

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Barn Swallow Farm is one of the best and most popular rustic barn venues in the Lehigh Valley. At first glance, it is very distinct thanks to it’s vibrant red exterior, and the property holds a lot of charm for entire wedding days from start-to-finish.

Why It’s Great for Weddings

As a wedding venue, Barn Swallow Farm will resonate with many future brides & grooms who are wanting a rustic aesthetic. This is a very popular (and very cool!) trend in weddings right now, and for good reason! Barn weddings have really turned into the main alternative to traditional ballroom weddings, and we love it because all the natural vibes lend a lot of simple beauty to a wedding day.

At Barn Swallow, the main feature is the covered barn, which will serve as your reception space. This barn is laid against a backdrop of 12 acres of property with planted corn that grows upwards of 12 feet at their peak in summer. A chandelier and string lights compliment the space beautifully.

On the lower level of the barn are two suites for the bride & groom to get ready for their day as well. This spaces are not required to be used, but are a great addition that can allow for the entire wedding day – from prep in the morning to the last dance at the end of the night – to be held on the property.

Out back, the ceremony space is as simple as it is natural. The wooden arbor can be complimented with floral arrangements, a lush treeline and babbling brook add a little tranquility to the space, and the ease of access makes it convenient even for grandparents coming to the outdoor wedding celebration.

All of these spaces come together to form an absolutely beautiful wedding day backdrop. There is an abundance of great spots for wedding photos as well!

You can learn more about Barn Swallow Farm by visiting their website here. We also have a wedding gallery you can view at the link below to get a sense of what this place has to offer!

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