Tjaldsvæðið Flókalundi Campground – Westfjords, Iceland



Tjaldsvæðið Flókalundi campground in the Westfjords of Iceland was the culmination of our toughest day of travel through the country.

The Westfjord region is not to be taken lightly, even if you are fortunate enough to have good weather for the duration of your trip. We were not, and it was here we really discovered just how inaccurate any weather app in Iceland is. As we drove through each fjord, weaving on linear, pot hole ridden, and unpaved roads – along the edge of towering fjords – we found the weather to be constantly changing from nice sun, to foggy and dense clouds of rain.

Our initial drive into the region took us to Dynjandi – the thunderous waterfall that is one of the largest in the world. After a stroke of luck and having nice weather while visiting, our return drive to find this campground was not so lucky, as dense fog and rain made it all the more difficult – and would not let up until the following morning.

It is hard to give an accurate review of Tjaldsvæðið Flókalundi campground because the conditions made it virtually impossible to enjoy or explore. We made our way to a common area, though it was heavily congested with others travelers who had essentially set up camp within it, rendering it fairly useless for us. There were restrooms and free hot water showers (1 per gender), that turned out to be quite nice the following morning before taking off.

We do imagine that, had the weather been nicer, it would have been easier to enjoy this campground – which by the morning we came to find out had quite a nice view, though we could hardly tell that night due to the dense fog in the area.

Like our first night spent in Thingvellir National Park, the biggest frustration came from not having anyone to directly pay for our stay, instead around 9 – 9:30PM someone came around to collect the fee (3,000 ISK for the two of us – so about $30 USD). As we found out in the morning, payment could actually be made at the little hotel/restaurant nearby – Hotel Flokalundur. The campground could use additional signs telling travelers this information so as to make it an easier process.

Overall, Tjaldsvæðið Flókalundi is a decent campground, though overpriced based on our experience at it.

A part of traveling through Iceland, and especially the Westfjords, is accepting that the weather may not always be in your favor – and no doubt the poor weather conditions did not make this a better experience for us, no fault to the campground at all. The amenities are also sufficient, though they are in a very small environment that makes it quite competitive to actually utilize them when there are many other campers staying the night.

One other good feature to mention is the availability of an unmanned N1 gas station nearby, as there were not many gas stations in general that we saw as we traveled this area of the Westfjords.

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