The Blue Lagoon – Traveling Iceland – Review



On our last night in Iceland, we decided to treat ourselves to an evening at the spa.

We have seen so much about The Blue Lagoon while researching traveling to Iceland, and have heard conflicting things. Some people say it is the best experience of their lives and so relaxing, while others find it to be overpriced and overcrowded. Needless to say, we can see both points of view, but accepting it for what it is – The Blue Lagoon is an excellent place to relax.

Prior to visiting the lagoon itself, we checked into the Northern Light Inn (right down the road), then spent some time eating dinner at Lava – the fine dining restaurant at The Blue Lagoon. Both were great, and really complimented our time spent relaxing here.

Now, there are four different options for purchasing your admission to The Blue Lagoon. We opted for the Premium, because it provided some add-ons that would be useful for dining at the Lava restaurant, and covered some drink costs. One thing that seemed to be a standard recommendation for visiting The Blue Lagoon is to book tickets in advance, and this I would certainly agree with as, when we arrived, there was a large line for tickets and not everyone is guaranteed a spot. Because we pre-booked, and were at the Premium level, we were able to jump the line and get on to the relaxing much quicker and without concern of being turned away.

The actual Blue Lagoon during the evening hours when we went was very relaxing, and still hopping with people. Compared to the Myvatyn Nature Baths which we had visited earlier in our trip around the Ring Road, this felt more like a party atmosphere, which is fair given the bar you can walk right up to without getting out of the water. It was much louder, but there were plenty of nooks and crannies to explore and find some quiet space. I imagine the experience is much different during the middle of July, in the middle of the day, though!

One nice feature that cannot be overlooked, as it sort of makes things a little easier while visiting The Blue Lagoon, is the wrist bands that can be used to open/lock your locker and can be used to charge drinks and spa masks (more on those in a second) to your tab. When your done visiting, you just pay the remainder off on your way out the door.

The silica and algae masks really help to enhance the spa feel of The Blue Lagoon. We took a terrifying selfie of both of us covered in these, and we will spare you that image, but needless to say they do make your skin feel nice and refreshed. That is the whole idea of visiting a spa, right? For some, this may be a good draw to visit, as this feature was not available at other geothermal spas we visited.

Overall, The Blue Lagoon is a really great way to end our 10 day trip to Iceland.

Yes, it may be overrated, and it is definitely more expensive than other spas around the island – but it has some other amenities not seen in those other locations, and is really just a cool experience that comes with visiting Iceland. If approached while being aware that, yes, it can get crowded and, yes, it will cost more money than other places in Iceland like Myvatyn Nature Baths – then you will no doubt have a great time!!

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