Queens, New York Engagement Photos


As we planned for this engagement session in Queens, NYC (specifically in Long Island City on the waterfront) – we wanted to work with Lisa and Antonio to have a location that felt meaningful to them. They decided to have their engagement photos taken in Long Island City, a place where they spent a ton of time together. Sometimes, the best engagement photo spots are just like this one – one that holds a lot of meaning and will allow couple’s to look back on not just the photos of themselves with fondness, but the many other memories the location itself also holds.

As for the day itself, it’s hard to argue with this location on the waterfront. You get gorgeous skyline views of Manhattan across the river, and an abundance of little unique nooks-and-crannies along the walk and behind us going into LIC. These two also enjoy hiking and getting out in nature together, so we loved also being able to find some spots with greenery to break up their photo gallery with a nice mix of more “traditional” cityscapes and little hidden, green gems.

We’ll be heading up into the Hudson Valley later this year for their wedding. So excited!!

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