Lotus Springs Farm Wedding // New Tripoli, PA


Madeline and Austin’s wedding day unfolded beneath the sunny skies of Lotus Springs Farm in New Tripoli, PA. The rustic charm of the venue complemented the simplicity and elegance of their celebration.

The day began with heavy emphasis on the candid moments as Madeline and her girls got ready at her childhood home. Having that space to get ready in really resonates through the photos which feature a lot of laughter as the girls danced in the kitchen to sweet and beautifully lit shots as she got into her dressed, ready for the wedding day!

On arriving to the venue, the couple had a first look together – a quiet exchange between them, then shared laughter with friends and friends for those classic group photos.

The outdoor ceremony, set against Lotus Springs Farm’s scenic backdrop, showcased the couple’s commitment amid the support of close friends and family. A spot of rain led to a few minutes delay (which at the end everyone had a good chuckle over). The celebration continued into the evening with a joyous reception, where the rustic charm of the farm added a unique touch to the festivities.

Madeline and Austin’s wedding at Lotus Springs Farm was a journey into a lifetime of shared moments, documented in the gentle embrace of the countryside. May their days together be as bright and beautiful as the sun that graced their wedding day.

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