Long Island City Engagement Photos // NYC Photographer


As wedding photographers, we’ve made it our focus to always try to allow engagement photo sessions to reflect our couples. Alison + John live right in Long Island City, and while we could have easily picked any random location we were familiar with for their session, when they asked if we would be up to come into NYC – we just had to say “yes!”

It was our first time driving into NYC ourselves – usually we’ve taken the bus or gone on trips with other people. While a little nervous, there was also a little bit of excitement that comes with getting on the amusement park ride that is the Lincoln Tunnel and driving through Manhattan. Getting into Queens, it was such a cool view of the city and made us so excited to explore around with these two.

Like many great engagement sessions, we started off hitting a local pizza shop they enjoy together on the regular – Centro. We then just walked around some of the city blocks and found cool places around for photos. We wrapped up on the Long Island City Water Front at Gantry Plaza State Park. All in all, it was such a cool evening and we look forward to seeing these two again for their wedding next year!!

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