Tucson, AZ | December 2016 | Lehigh Valley Photographer


This year Chris and I spent Christmas in Tucson, Arizona with my family. It was so wonderful being all together again to make new memories and enjoy everyone’s company. Although bittersweet, I’ll now always have the memories of everyone sitting together in the living room looking through all of my Nana’s amazing photo albums, picking out all the photo’s of Poppop and stumbling upon some old treasures.

On our drive through Phoenix to Tucson we stopped at Picacho Peak State Park, which is quite the sight to see driving up I-10.

This next half are some of my favorite. These were taken in the span of just two hours, we started out with the sun being so bright! I could barely see the back of my camera screen… Chris and I took a drive, with many pit stops, through Saguaro National Park on Christmas Eve. Just about 75% of our way through the park an incredible storm started rolling though, forming these crazy clouds over the mountains. Needless to say, Christmas morning there was some pretty beautiful snow atop the mountains surrounding Tucson. Unfortunately it all melted by noon, but trust me when I say – it was really beautiful!

And then we high-tailed it out of there as it started down pouring on us…


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