Lava Restaurant at The Blue Lagoon – Review – Iceland Vacation



Our entire evening spent relaxing at The Blue Lagoon, right down the road from our hotel for the night – The Northern Lights Inn, was a taste of perfection. For dinner, we decided to try out Lava, a fine dining restaurant on the premises of The Blue Lagoon.

Before we dive into giving our thoughts, it should probably be noted that we don’t frequently visit fine dining establishments. If your taste buds are exceptionally refined, and your feeling really critical, our opinion may not be the best for judging this restaurant. But, for the casual travelers looking to get away with their loved ones, and do something out of the ordinary, this look at Lava may be of most use to you!

Our Thoughts on Lava at The Blue Lagoon

When we first entered into the dining area at Lava, we are sure someone could have noticed our satisfaction with entering into such a cool looking place. One of the main walls is constructed out of lava rock, while our main view for the evening had us looking out large windows into The Blue Lagoon, excited to be done eating and out there relaxing with everyone else. As you might expect if you know us at all, we couldn’t help but laugh on a few occasions as we watched some other (more touristy) tourists outside with selfie sticks and Go-Pros. But that is probably unnecessary information for our thoughts on the restaurant 🙂

The first thing worth noting is that our server was very nice and informative of the food options for the evening. The menu at Lava is quite limited by comparison with restaurants we visit back home, but we would say well refined so as to only provide options that are of a high quality. Our main entrees were cod and steak respectively – both of which were quite excellent. Our taste buds were mostly certainly happy, especially given that we had been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yogurt (skyr), and gas station hot dogs for the majority of our 10 day trip around the Ring Road. For a fine dining establishment, the serving sizes were also quite generous!

We couldn’t leave without having desert as well. Per our servers recommendation, we shared a plate of the Chocolate & Raspberries. It was very good, though the quantity was quite small. I guess that means we had to savor each bite!

All in all – Lava is a great restaurant if your in this area of Iceland, in particular if you are already planning to visit The Blue Lagoon for some spa time. For us, we enjoyed it very much as a special time away from our busy lives, and away from the long week+ of camping around the entire country living on small amounts of food and deteriorating levels of energy. The atmosphere really caters to the romantic, and paired with a nice hotel room and spending a few hours soaking in The Blue Lagoon’s warm geothermal waters, it would be easy enough to think you died and went to heaven.



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