The Best 9 Jersey Shore Engagement Photo Locations

When you think about the Jersey Shore, you'll immediately start to picture beaches, boardwalks, and good times. Over the years, we've had the opportunity to photograph a ton of engagement sessions in New Jersey, and have found ourselves exploring different beaches all the time. From super popular destinations like Point Pleasant to really mellow and quiet beaches - there's a great spot for everyone! Here's our Top 9 Jersey Shore engagement photo locations

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook has been a recent favorite beach on the Jersey Shore for us. First of all, we can't get over the views of NYC in the background - this instantly makes it super unique. More than that, there are a lot of different beaches at Sandy Hook, that you can pretty comfortably find one that's a little quieter, making engagement pics real easy. 

The other nice thing about Sandy Hook is that there is more than just a beach there. Around the inlet are the remnants of Fort Hancock, which provide some cool backdrops if you want to get some greenery and architecture in your photo gallery too. 

Asbury Park

Asbury Park is another favorite of ours - this time for the boardwalk. The cool murals and remnants of the old convention center make this beach super special. Every time we've gone here, whether in the off season or the middle of summer, this beach has never been super packed either - which makes it a great choice for a session location.  

Ocean Grove

A quick walk from Asbury is Ocean Grove - the even quieter beach town. What's really nice about Ocean Grove is not just the beach itself, but the close proximity to the cute little town where you can walk around for some more photos. 

Ocean City

The Ocean City boardwalk and beach is a fun and sometimes a little bit of a crazy spot for engagement photos that will definitely resonate with couples who love spending summer days at the beach and enjoying everything there is to offer. Our favorite engagement photos here are those on the beach at sunset, with the boardwalk and amusement park rides glowing in the background. It's a super fun vibe!

Long Beach Island (LBI)

Long Beach Island is a magical little getaway on the Jersey Shore. With how large it is, there's so many great places to stop for photos ranging from boardwalks to parks, storefronts and of course the beach itself. 


There are so many great locations along the Jersey Shore for engagement photos. You could literally pick any beach and we could create magic. In this post, we put together a list of some of our favorites and hope they help you narrow down some options to one one that's just right for you!

Spring Lake

Spring Lake is another quiet beach community that we've grown to love. The beach itself is quite simple and doesn't get too overrun with visitors during the summer. One thing that makes this place special is the close proximity of Divine Park - this little green space with some water features and wooden bridges - that makes for a great option for engagement shoots here that include 2 locations. 

Sea Bright

Sea Bright is one of those "blink and you'll miss it" beaches on the Jersey Shore. There is not a huge amount of things going on here, but it is still a stunning beach for engagement sessions. We sometimes shoot here when taking photos at the nearby town of Red Bank, which makes it a great ending location for sessions to get both town vibes and beach vibes :)


If you're looking for a beach on the Jersey Shore with some more hustle and bustle, Wildwood is probably the place for you. We love this boardwalk, especially for engagement sessions that want to incorporate the boardwalk amusements in the mix. Super fun!

Cape May

Last up, Cape May is a great town for engagement photos. First of all, exploring the fun colors throughout the town is great with a wide variety of storefronts and other backdrops. While there are different beaches around the area, our favorite has to be Sunset Beach - one of the few locations on the East Coast that has a direct view of the sun setting since most beaches face the East. 

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