Jacobsburg State Park Engagement | Kristin + Dan


The more we visit Jacobsburg State Park, the more we’re transported back to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest. For engagement photos, Jacobsburg is one of the best in the Lehigh Valley if you like all things outdoors – cute shaded woods, babbling streams, opportunities to get your feet wet, and during the summer months fields of wildflowers.

With Kris + Dan, we soaked up all of nature’s beauty and the good light to create some truly amazing couple’s portraits.

Man kissing woman on the temple while holding her in the woods
Man kissing woman on forehead while standing in a stream
Man and woman standing in a stream looking at each other
Man and woman walking through Jacobsburg Park
Woman and man lying on the grass looking up at the camera
Man and woman running while holding hands
Man and woman looking at the camera for a portrait in wildflower field

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