Hofn Campground – Review – Iceland Vacation



Making the trek from Akureyri in the North, to Hofn in the Southeast is, admittedly, rough. The amount of driving required is quite a lot – and driving through the Eastern fjords of Iceland is no small task (but certainly easier than the Westfjords as we learned!).

We had originally planned in our itinerary to push towards the small village of Hof about 1 – 2 hours away from here, but night had already fallen and we were tired from having already driven 8 – 10 hours (between the Ring Road itself and veering off to see some side attractions). We ended up doing a quick search and found Hofn Campground to be nearby, and relatively well reviewed.

So, our thoughts on Hofn Campground?

It was actually quite a nice place, with the main caveat being that it was extremely crowded. The facilities are not designed to manage such a large number of people. This was something a bit frustrating, especially given we decided to visit Iceland in the off season. I cannot imagine what mid-July crowds would look like here. Queues for the restrooms and showers were quite long. While the costs were about what is expected in Iceland for camping, showers were a separate fee.

If you are really dying for a shower or to use the facilities without a long line, you may want to consider getting there much earlier in the day, or waking up early in the morning before (hopefully) anyone else gets the same idea.

There was also a common dining hall in the area where you drop in to pay for your nights stay, which was crowded but had a vibe similar to visiting a beer garden.

Overall, Hofn Campground is actually pretty nice. Re-looking at some of the reviews on Google, we would agree it is better than some people make it out to be – just be aware the crowds will make or break the experience for you. When traveling around the whole Ring Road in Iceland, sometimes you have to just take what you can get when it comes to the camp ground, and this is pretty good!

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