Sage: A Farm Luxe Bridal Experience - Upstate NY - 4/29/18


We are happy to announce that Hand and Arrow Photography will be participating in Sage : A Farm Luxe Bridal Experience on April 29th, 2018. Taking place in Upstate NY at the award winning Gilbertsville Farmhouse, Sage is a unique take on traditional bridal show format.

We know from our own personal experience going to bridal shows when we were looking for vendors for our own wedding that they can feel very impersonal, and like a really long winded sales pitch from too many vendors. The Sage Bridal Experience is going to be something different - it is going to be a pressure free, fun and interactive experience for brides/couples. The expo will showcase some of the best wedding industry creatives without using the typical booth setting. Instead, Sage will invite brides and couples to sample a hand-picked group of the best industry professionals doing what they do best.

Gilbertsville Farmhouse will be showcased as though intimate events are taking place in all of their locations - and the event will close out with a special bridal fashion show and creative Meet + Greet. All of the creatives/vendors have been hand selected by Gilbertsville Farmhouse and Sage to take part in this event.

Hand and Arrow Photography was selected as an Exclusive Vendor for this event, and we will also be photographing the entire bridal experience from start to finish. We are so, so excited to have this opportunity to take part in this!!

For more information, please visit Sage Bridal Experience.