Foggy Engagement Photos // Merrill Creek Reservoir, NJ


The winter months in New Jersey always bring some unexpected weather with it. In the past month, we’ve seen everything from 60 degree days to a foot and a half of snow. Leading up to Edy + Jill’s engagement photos, we were expecting sun as that was what was forecasted. When we got to Merrill Creek Reservoir, a sweet little outdoor spot in NJ right across the border from PA, we were met with some really dense fog!

Foggy engagement photos are seriously really cool! They bring a lot of moody vibes (some moments with the trees peaking through felt straight out of The Mist), but most importantly in our experience allow even more focus to be put on our couples instead of just the environment. We love how the pops of red + purples they were wearing just jump out from the photos because of the contrast with the fog in the background, it’s something special!

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