Historic Bethlehem, PA Summer Micro-Wedding | Natalie + Willie


“We want our wedding to be about finding the light in the darkness”

One day, we will look back on 2020 as a distant memory. While the impact that has been felt in our lives and those of everyone around the world has been significant, seeing couples adapt and find peace within the chaos has been moving and humbling.

It would be easy to dwell on the challenges that affected wedding planning this year as they faced a rescheduled event and consistent uncertainty, but the essence of Natalie + Willie’s wedding that stuck with us was about finding that light in the darkness. With all that is going on, being able to have a day to celebrate a couples’ love for one another, family & friends gathering safely and joyously, holding meaningful traditions (some old, some newly created), and capturing positive memories is something we will hold dear as we reflect back on this beautiful wedding day.

In this gorgeous post, you’ll find shots from their full wedding day. Everything took place in Bethlehem, PA. Central Moravian Church offered a warm and light environment for a beautiful ceremony, and The Sun Inn down the street offered a great indoor/outdoor reception space combo.


Bride Getting Ready

Wedding dress hanging in front of a window
Bride looking at herself in the mirror after getting into her wedding dress
Woman in wedding dress looking at her flower bouquet

Groom Getting Ready – Hotel Bethlehem

Two men sitting on couch in Hotel Bethlehem room

Ceremony – Central Moravian Church

Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem, PA Interior
Bride and groom candle lighting during wedding ceremony
Bride and groom first kiss

Bride & Groom Portraits – Central Moravian Courtyard + Main Street Bethlehem

Portrait of a woman dressed in wedding gown

Reception – The Sun Inn

Outdoor reception at the Sun Inn Courtyard in Bethlehem, PA
Wedding guests sitting and having their caricature drawn by an artist
Bride and groom laughing during speech
The Sun Inn sign
The Sun Inn alleyway (Bethlehem, PA)
Wedding cake
Bride and groom dance under reception tent

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