Engagement Photos in Center City Philadelphia, PA


Alexandra & Jay’s sunrise engagement photos took us to many of the the most iconic Philly locations – Race Street Pier, murals on Front Street, and City Hall in the heart of downtown. For those who live in the city or just really like those urban vibes, Philadelphia manages to be particularly beautiful with it’s mix of old and new.

We have to say – we know the early morning wake up isn’t always easy (at least for us – we had to get up around 3AM for this one to make the drive down to Philly!), but man, when you get the beautiful sunrises like this one and a great couple like these two – it makes it all worth it. So much to love in this shoot!!

Couple standing under the Conquer mural on Front Street in Philadelphia
Wide shot of multiple murals in Philadelphia
Couple walking on Front Street in Philly, PA
Couple walking in front of Race Street murals in Philadelphia, PA
Couple kissing in front of City Hall in Philadelphia, PA

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