Anastasia + Steve | A Rainy and Romantic Fall Wedding | Folino Estate Wedding Photographer


When we think back on Anastasia + Steve’s beautiful Folino Estate Vineyard wedding one song in particular comes to mind, you know… that’s one by Alanis Morissette, “it’s like raaaaiiiinnnnn on your wedding day”. Sorry not sorry, that you’ll have that stuck in your head all day just like we do…

But no weather could dampen their spirits. Even though they had to move their ceremony inside, which they would have kept outdoors in in a heartbeat if they could. They embraced it and the rain added the perfect moody and romantic ambiance to their day. And if you know us well enough, you know that we’re suckers for those moody and romantic vibes.

So take a note from these two. Rain on your wedding day (…yes we totally sang that as we read it too) can be a perfect element if you embrace it! And remember, at the end of the day, you’re marrying your best friend no matter what. Nothing else is as important than that. Plus, no matter the weather – we’ll never stop creating and capturing all that magic for you. So grab some umbrellas + rainboots if it looks like rain, a blanket scarf + warm booties if it looks like snow, extra sunscreen + a portable fan if it looks like 1,000 degrees, but most of all – don’t forget to bring along all the happiness + love for each other in the world.

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