Who We Are

We are Jes + Chris, a Husband and Wife Wedding Photography duo based in the Lehigh Valley, PA. Read more about us and why we do what we love below!

Our Story

Every relationship starts somewhere and ours started the moment we met back in 2005. You know – during those awkward high school years. He was a skater-boy, she was a shy artsy girl. But we’ve been inseparable and learning this whole #adultlife thing together ever since and wouldn’t have it any other way! With 3 years of awesome married life in the books, we’re so excited to keep on keepin’ on and experiencing this exciting journey together.

We have a HUGE love for travel and plan to keep crossing things off of our bucket list one by one (Hey Destination Weddings and Elopements we’re talking to you!!). All the while, one of our favorite places will always be in our home snuggled up with our two cats, Sheldon + PK, binge watching Netflix shows.

Photography for us circles all the way back to the beginning of our relationship, as Jes would always have her camera on hand whether it was for high school photography classes or just day to day memories. It’s always been a constant that has always brought us together to document our own journey and to explore new places.

But THIS – Hand and Arrow, our own dream, really all started the day we got married back in September 2016. When we experienced first hand the emotions and moments that you just never want to forget during that day. How capturing those fleeting moments + emotions of two people and their families coming together to celebrate them starting a new journey in their lives together can last for a lifetime in a single still frame.

And all of that makes us SO happy.

Since then, we have been pursuing our little labor of love together as a team.

Our Perspective

As a Husband + Wife Photography team we know all about the love and excitement that goes into planning your Wedding Day. We also know just how important it is to look back and re-live those beautiful moments through photographs that will tell your story for years to come. From Day 1 we are there for you, the minute that first e-mail is exchanged with you, we want you to know that we are there to help guide you or just have real conversations with you about anything that comes to your mind!

We are visual storytellers. Capturing those special, exciting and unexpected moments for you in their truest form possible, it’s what we do and what we love doing. We love candid. We don't sugar coat things, we're not into all of that boring, stiff and awkward posing. We are ALL about getting to know you and photographing the truest yous you can be. We're completely into those real, raw and authentic emotions. And we will be there to help guide you through your sessions and wedding day.

Folks who have no reservations on opening up and showing their honest love and personalities are our jam! But if you're quiet or a little more reserved, that's okay! We know exactly what being shy is like and do our best to make you feel awesome and super comfortable in-front of the camera.

You be you and we'll be us!

The end results will be pure awesomeness.

Fun Facts

Jes loves Graphic Design and Hand-lettering. A lot of graphic work or design aesthetics you see come from her background in it!

Chris loves playing guitar, synths and any other crazy different instruments he can get his hands on. 

Jes loves playing the Ukulele.

Chris loves movies with strong narratives, beautiful cinematography, and powerful musical scores like The Fountain (Star Wars is the bomb too).

Jes has a weird fascination with horror flicks but also loves quirky films like Moonrise Kingdom and What We Do in the Shadows.

We both have an obbesssion with tacos. Literally, every night could be Taco Tuesday and our lives would feel complete.

Chris is a Reeses kind of guy.

Jes is a Peach Rings kind of gal.

Our favorite shows are The Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Brooklyn99, Boy Meets World, Parks & Rec and The Office.

We love listening to Angus & Julia Stone, Bright Eyes, Iron and Wine, Sigur Ros, River City Extension, and Bon Iver.

Our favorite travel experiences have been snorkeling in Sac Aktun Cenote in Mexico & driving around Iceland for 10 days in a camper-van!

Our most recent travels were out west to Oregon, Utah, Nevada and the California . Next on our list is our dream trip – New Zealand!!

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