6 of Our Favorite Lehigh Valley Photography Locations of Engagement Sessions

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There are many beautiful Lehigh Valley photography locations to be found in the tri-city region of Easton (our home town), Bethlehem, and Allentown – and close by. While we do travel outside of the region often for engagement sessions and weddings, we love the Lehigh Valley and the diverse photography locations in offers. Whether you are looking for natural landscapes or cool urban sprawls, the Lehigh Valley has a lot of great locations that could be perfect for your engagement session with us!

1). Louise W Moore Park


We have been visiting Louise Moore Park since we were kids, and it can make for an excellent location for engagement photos if you are looking for something close by, quiet, and with a lot of natural backdrops – but not requiring a long arduous hike to get there. During the spring months, you can catch beautiful flowering cherry blossoms; in the summer, sunflowers, and even in winter with a dusting of snow you can find even still a captivating location.

We have taken quite a few photos over the years you should check out: Ashley + Jill’s 2017 Winter Engagement Session and Cara’s Summer Portraits.

2). Merrill Creek Reservoir


Though we might be stretching the definition of Lehigh Valley photography locations here, Merrill Creek Reservoir is located in Harmony, NJ – about 10 minutes from Easton, PA. This is an easy to access spot that is hands-down one of our favorites in the region – providing stunning and unique backdrops that can often feel very painterly in the golden hour light. We probably won’t ever get tired of going here!

We have taken many photos – both personal and for clients – at Merrill Creek including: Erica + Alex’s 2017 Engagement Session, Karlee + Chris’ 2017 Engagement Session, some personal landscape photography, and some older moody self-portraits.

3). Lehigh University & Linderman Library


We have taken many photos in downtown Bethlehem in recent memory, and the appeal of Lehigh University and the Linderman Library found on campus is bar none one of our favorite spots in the city if you are looking for a more urban feel without walking Main Street. If you color yourself the type of person who likes to be surrounded by books, look no further!

A great session we had here: Emily + Collin’s 2017 Engagement Session

4). Jacobsburg State Park


Another staple location for engagement sessions for many Lehigh Valley photographers, Jacobsburg Park is diverse, beautiful, local, and rather sentimental for us as we have been going there since we were young. While the scenery changes throughout the year (as should be expected), every season has something new and memorable on offer. The small stream, fields of tall grass, fall colored trees, winding pathways and overlooks are just a few of the features we love.

Some recent photo sessions at Jacobsburg Park: Jen + Matt’s 2017 Engagement Session, 2017 Christmas Mini-Sessions, Ashley + Alex’s 2016 Couples Session.

5). Downtown Easton, PA


It’s hard for us to ignore our home town in a list of Lehigh Valley photography locations, and for good reason. Because the downtown is so close, we have had a lot of time to explore it in the course of our lives. In recent years, the city has been coming together as a nice destination for artists and foodies. A lot of cool architecture, side alleys with brick walls, pop art-like color schemes, overlooks of the river, and bridge to NJ are just a few areas worth noting.

Recent photo work: Ashley + Alex’s 2017 Couples Session.

6). Trexler Memorial Park


Last on our list is Trexler Memorial Park, located in Allentown. This is another Lehigh Valley photographer hotspot, and for good reason. Given that not everyone around Allentown is looking for an urban feel to their engagement photos, this park offers a lot of great locations for photos to be taken. It is large enough that you can usually find a quiet spot off the main walking trail, and some unique features that make it attractive to photographers to create new and exciting photos.

Some example sessions taken at Trexler Memorial Park: Rebecca + Jacob’s 2017 Engagement Session and Sheena’s Lifestyle Portraits.

These are just 6 Lehigh Valley photography locations that stick out to us, and that you may want to consider for your own engagement session. In no way is this an exhaustive list, as we continue to find cool new spots to check out in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding region.

A more detailed guide to engagement locations is provided upon booking your engagement session or wedding package that includes an engagement session, and we are always open to hearing any suggestions you might have for a place to capture the best pictures that reflect who you are as a couple!

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